Ethical Hacking: How To Be One?

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Thursday December 20, 2018

Ethical hacking, as the term suggests, is nowhere related to black-work. This is clean and used to test the security system on a cyber level. It is to ensure that a system is secure and can’t be hacked off in an illegal way. The best part is that if hacking calls out to you, then you can become one as well on a legal level.

Then, you can legally and with permission hack into the system, gain access over a server or maybe extract some encrypted files.

So the question here is how to be one?

Have a look

Qualification and Experience

When it comes to skills, you need to mention off your qualification as well. It might not be the case on every level but it is essential.

The topmost thing that is checked in a tester is their ability to have a vast amount of knowledge regarding a system and ways to exploit them as per their liabilities.

However, it is essential to keep in mind that ethical hacking has a proper qualification as well.

There are mainly four things that will form under the criteria of skills such as:

  • Programming language
  • Operating System concepts
  • Security and Network fundamentals
  • Markup along with different technology

Why Learn Programming Language?

Hacking is one of the most essential parts for government and businesses when it comes to security.

They require the ethical hacker to check on their security details and loopholes that might be missed out.

In addition to this, the network applications are improved and preventive measures are taken up in terms of data fraud or data theft. All with the help of ethical hacking.

But they don’t have any magic stick that can be turned around to come up with the best security details. They have to build tools in order to solve the problem. Hence, comes the use of programming language, it allows them to write codes to establish tools and provide solutions to issues. After all, it is not the work of script kiddies.

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When you write a program being a hacker, it will be easy for you to work around the task and complete the task within the time frame.

But others might take more time than necessary for a similar task. Apart from this, programming language will give you a platform to explore new ways and loopholes to improve your hacking skills.

You will be able to exploit any software or application to identify errors that might be the loose end. If you think that for every single hacking, you need to reinvent it then there is no need to be worried about.

Our existing tools can come handy in most of the hacking work since software and application usually follow the same pattern.

Apart from this, you can take advantage of open-source programs which can be reused with no issues at all.

It is easy to customize the applications that already exist with these programs. Also, you can add on a method that works best for it.

Platform to code

There are several platforms that you can opt for, in order to learn a coding language. If you are choosing web application as your domain then you can opt for JavaScript, PHP, HTML, and ASP.net. On the other hand, if mobile applications attract you the most then opt for iOS – Swift, Android – Java, and Window Phone – C#. The desktop-based work will require skills in C++, C#, and Java. Apart from this, Python is also recommended for general purpose.

Soft Skills

Once, the technical part is over. You need to understand that hacking requires soft-skills as well.

One should have problem-solving talent, strong ethic works, communication skills, etc. Apart from this, the ability of a leader that can dedicate and motivate others is also a key part of ethical hacking.

We can even keep manipulation at the top skills when it comes to ethical hacking along with people skills and street smartness.


The manipulation technique comes handy when one has to get the credential from someone with persuasion.

This can be extremely helpful when it comes to executing files, shutting down or restarting the system. The main aim is to complete their goals. Soft engineers can be helpful for you in order to sharpen up the skills.

Legal is a way to go

Ethical hacking is all about doing illegal work with legal permission. Hence, it is essential to stay far away from any work related to black hat.

It can ruin your career even though you might not be convicted. If you are attacking or intruding a network then make sure that you have permission to do so.

When it comes to government-related jobs then you require to clear off all the security tiers to obtain a job. Hence. it is essential to be clear otherwise say bye to your ethical career.

Certified Ethical Hacker

For an ethical hacker, it becomes essential to have a certificate that can help in managing careers.

It helps in getting related experience with IT firms so that you can set out on a clear path for a career.

This type of certification will allow you to understand the level of mind that a hacker requires to manage security. It will also allow you to learn about countermeasures, vulnerabilities, and exploits.

Cyber Criminals as Ethical Hackers

Now the question lies that if a person has skills for hacking but works on the black hat hacking side, is it possible to cross that line and be an ethical hacker?

Well, as a matter of fact, they will do it in a much more efficient and effective manner. They understand the hook and corner of the hacking world.

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Hence, they will know where to look for the loopholes and how to prevent it.

They are not trained from a top university but they are self-trained because they enjoy doing a task.

Hence, the choice is actually easy to make. There are many top ethical hackers that are in the industry that crossed that bridge to be respected.

It was all in past, now in future, it is all changed.

With the increase in laws and regulations, it can be difficult to get hired in some reputed company with such an image.

The CREST rules are becoming stricter that don’t trust this kind of people easily. Hence, in today’s society; it can be difficult to bridge that gap.

No one will put trust in them due to their previous records and unethical behavior. Companies will look upon them as a fraud that might make their life difficult.

Role of Ethical Hacker Job

When we talk about hacking and security, the jobs are distributed in several forms. Many people are indulging in different form together to work as a hacked on an ethical level.

Some of them work as penetration testers whereas other as security analysts, but the work for both is almost similar.

Other than that, there are roles for network security specialists, information security consultants, etc. for ethical hacking.

Apart from this, the red team role is also a term that is used to search the jobs for ethical hacking.

This is a type of offensive security that is usually divided by an organization into the blue and red teams.

The red team is considered as attackers that try to hack into an account and work with their network.

They try to put the security into question while the blue team has to save it so that business can be protected.

Final words

If you feel that hacking is something that you want to do then do it in the right way. Black hat hacking might attract you but the level of respect and security will never be achieved to you.

Hence, if you are aiming to do something then do it in the right way with ethical hacking. It might be a long road along the way but once you cross it, it will be worth the struggle and efforts.



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