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Enhance Your Management Communication With TestStudio

Web App Testing

Friday May 16, 2014

Every organisation has various application management processes to be followed for their smooth functioning. There are critical activities such as test cases management, defects tracking and requirements management that need special attention. As these are all parts of the same process, it can be chaotic if they are not streamlined. The communications have to be well maintained from the beginning to end of each process to maintain clarity and focus. If not, it can lead to unnecessary issues and avoidable queries due to lack of communication. This necessity of a streamlined application process management is what sparked the thought of a communications and collaboration tool in us; Test Studio was born out of this.

What is TestStudio?

TestStudio is a web application to streamline the management process of your organisation. It brings people closer by enhancing management communication. It integrates activities such as requirements, test cases management and defects tracking seamlessly. As TestStudio is a web based application, you can access it from a variety of devices and operating systems.

Who is it for?

Are you a Developer or a Tester working on various projects? Or are you a Project Manager managing multiple projects for different client? Maybe you are a Business Analyst who needs help managing requirements online. TestStudio is not just for a single person. It is for the entire project team involved in managing and accessing requirements, test cases and defects.

Features of TestStudio

  • Easy to use interface
  • Access from across devices and operating systems such as Windows (XP, Vista, 7), iMac (iOS), iPad (iOS), Tablet PCs (Android, Symbian) etc
  • Critical to quality processes are digitized and documented
  • Brings different teams together by means of better communication and collaboration
  • As TestStudio streamlines the processes, and brings data at one place, it paves ways to spot the most cost efficient ways of implementing projects

Advantages of using TestStudio

  • All testing conducted is documented and saved
  • Critical to quality practices and business objectives are easily streamlined
  • You can maintain requirements, test cases and defects in an orderly fashion at the same place
  • Tracing between requirements-test cases-defects becomes a lot easier
  • You will be able to predict or guess quality cycles and testing effort
  • It is accessible to both project team and client if required. This increases transparency and allows the project team to share status without delay




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