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Friday June 13, 2014

Time is of essence during the entire software life cycle. It is vital for all resources to be utilized to their maximum and to the best of their skills. Project Managers have always been exploring new avenues to save time and cost. Have you ever thought of a 24/7 team that would provide outputs at different hours of the day?. Yes, teams can work round the clock and still deliver excellent output. Definitely, not in the same time zone and that’s what we mean by – “Develop by day, Test at night”.


What is the ‘Develop By Day, Test At Night’ Method?

This is a simple model that makes use of the differences in global time zones to ensure your process rolls on 24/7. Your developers work in your day time and store the relevant builds in a common server accessible to our testers too. Our testers access the latest build and initiate software testing. They start working during your night time, and use the necessary tools and techniques to test the day’s builds. Test results of these builds are provided before the development team resumes their work for the next day.

As the test results reach your development team without any delay, it becomes easy for them to fix the defects and move on to the next build without wasting time.


  • Test in Quick Time – Due to ‘Continuous Integration’ and smart usage of time zone difference, your software development process gets completed in quick time.
  • Improved Quality – As testing takes place throughout the developmental process, defects are fixed early, ensuring your software is of best quality.
  • Reduced Costs – Costly in house resources can be freed from testing and allocated to relevant tasks. Also, the improved quality of software ensures reduced expense in future.
  • Continuous Regression – Since the builds are tested more often, regression is conducted at regular intervals avoiding waiting for the end of the development cycle.
  • Overlap of Schedule – Development and Software Testing teams overlap more often to discuss test results from last day’s testing instead of waiting for the entire test cycle to be completed.




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