What is the Importance of Cyber Security in 2018

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Thursday January 18, 2018

Cyber security has always been a challenge over the years and it is not going to be different in 2018. In fact, the threat of frauds outsmarting enterprises’ defence mechanisms to maintain their data privacy and security are expected to shoot up.  As the cyber space is now dominating our globalized economy, the IoT,  can be a deciding or depending factor in many instances.

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So the cyber security concerns are not going to be a surprise factor in this New Year, as well. Being cautious about the situation, the internet experts are investing a lot of time in predicting some cyber security trends.

A lot of factors clearly show up why the cyber security is becoming really important in 2018. Fighting the frauds in real time is a better step than resolving it at a later stage. Let us take a look at the most important cyber security factors that will need much attention and some possible solutions.

1. Information wars: With significance of data on a global scale, information wars are now becoming more common. With the present trend, it is expected to be more dominant in 2018, as well. More than data thefts for economic needs, personal data is targeted more which leaves people in a vulnerable position.

Attempts were made to even make the highly celebrated officials’ confidential controversial information public. As these types of wars are becoming an unwelcome reality to humiliate people, serious attention needs to be given to avoid its huge impact in future.

2. New vulnerabilities: The innovative technologies are witnessing an exponential growth and this also opens a new window for new vulnerabilities. According to estimate from SANS, familiar risks would be the reason for at least 80 percent of cyber security happenings.

3. Concerns for big data: The new era enterprises are handling too much data everyday than ever before. As data comes in new types and formats, it would be less structured unlike conventional data.

Even when GDPR can help to handle and monitor it up to an extent, the lack of proper internal processes can pose serious cyber security threats to such big data. So it becomes important to get back to basics such as updating software versions and maintaining basic security hygiene.

4. Cloud storage security: Due to minimal storage systems, companies are now largely depending on cloud storage for data keeping. There can be a serious threat to its privacy and mishandling if no proper governance is provided.

The problems of insecure access and instability can be a threat to confidential information. Designing a cloud decision model would be a good solution in order to control the personal as well as its public use.

5. Internet of Things: The modern enterprises are heavily relying on internet technologies for data access and transfer. However, most of them are not so aware of the hidden problems and uses the new age technology without giving much emphasis to safety. However, vulnerability of personal data can be a serious threat awaiting them.

The use of faulty communication methods and default password mechanisms are not going to do any good in the long run. Breaches of privacy can be a top cyber security threat in the upcoming year, as well.

6. Ransomware and Blockchain security: Ransomware is a widespread cyber security threat in which particular files within the infected systems would be encrypted. The users will be forced to pay big sums in order to retrieve the decrypt key. The worst part is that users will have to make the payment without any guarantee of receiving the key.


The possibilities of blockchain security can be an important phenomenon in this context. From eliminating passwords to generating fiddle proof infrastructure and superior encryption methods, this security technology would be a centre of focus in 2018.

7. Wars across borders: If information over web is not properly handled, the consequences may not always confine within the country. There is a huge chance for this insecurity to be a reason for wars across nations. Such problems would be very hard to sort out as it can cause a direct impact on the international political scenario.

8. Novel legal clauses: The government’s surveillance laws are seeing many changes and this could cause cyber security concerns for most of the companies. With the novel data protection and management rules, the finance systems of the enterprises can be impacted. The implementation as well as harmonization changes can take longer to be stabilized and this can affect a smooth flow of data in 2018.

9. Cyber security predictions: The security breaches from biometric authentication tools introduced by mobile giants are not a distant reality. The socially engineered threats are on the rise than ever before. Suspicious domain registrations as well as domain spoofing can be another important area that needs focus. The possibilities of industry specific attacks from scammers cannot be written off.

10. Risk-based authentication tools: The previous authentication tools are designed with a general purpose. With more and more threats being reported every day, it is alarming to design and implement some risk based authentication tools for the job. This can fight out the known risks to some extent and provide a decent one level security from at least some of the possible breaches.

11. Training for non-technical staff: In normal cases, there would be a particular group of technical staff in every company who will be responsible to take care of the cyber security. As the situation is highly alarming, it is becoming important to give some basic training to non technical staff also regarding the first aids to tackle possible cyber attacks. Similarly, giving sessions or seminars to common people regarding the basic cyber safety can prove good to eliminate at least the basic problems.

12. Digital ecosystems: Cyber security is not a simple thing as its impact can even be on a wider society. Not only big companies get affected, it’s after effects can cause long term hazards for many individuals. In a digital ecosystem, every individual has his role in the protection, security and privacy of data.

Data analytics and data science will have a bigger role as monitoring of larger data becomes important to predict the present trends and understand human behaviours.

13. Artificial Intelligence: A remarkable difference in ICS Security can be witnessed with the widespread usage of artificial intelligence. Quicker threat detection and faster troubleshooting is the key. It can replace the drawbacks of shortage of cyber security staffing to a certain extent. Whether it is a large multinational company with multiple branches across globe or a small company with a single branch, use of this technology can prove vital to make better out of the situation.

14. Security technology integration: This is going to be a game changer in this highly alert situation. Large enterprises can rely on such mechanisms to manage the situations better. With the present trend, integration hubs are on the rise. The professional services with a separate personnel manager can work wonders in helping fight the cyber attacks.


The comprehensive cyber security plan covers a lot of elements such as content protection, data security, privacy, IP, passwords and encryption technology. Staying ahead of the situation helps you to take control of it and avoid domination of frauds.

Final Thoughts

Proper measures need to be taken in order to handle these concerns without making much trouble. It is becoming really important to increase the number of security experts to overcome these concerns and proper quality training needs to be given to them. More serious interventions from government are expected to provide enough scrutiny, attention and care.

It is not just the data privacy rights or net neutrality that needs attention; a complete shift of focus to internet security is alarming. An additional step in the cyber and email security can make a positive difference in the overall productivity of enterprises in the long run.



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