13 Major Bug Tracking Software For 2020


Wednesday November 20, 2019

Bug tracking or issue tracking is essential to deliver quality software and web development projects. A bug in a computer technology is an error or fault in a program which leads to unexpected failure or incorrect results in the outcome product.

Using a bug tracking software can help you capture, report or manage data regarding the traced bug present in the program. Along with the increased test activities, bug tracking software can stimulate business growth in the global market.

A major consideration while choosing a bug tracking systems is deciding between free or paid software where free or open source solutions can significantly reduce costs, but they would only provide limited features.

Over the years, there has been emergence of various bug tracking software tools out of which we have highlighted a few that can help streamline your issue management strategy or cut down cost for production:

1) Redmine


It is an open source management tool used in software management projects for issue tracking, source code management integration, road maps etc.


  • Even though not a bug tracking tool, it works on tracking issues and getting reports instantly
  • Fast online updation
  • Time and cost effective
  • This web app works on multiple projects
  • Plays a flexible role based access control
  • Multi-language & multi-database support

2) Plutora


It is a modern enterprise management tool that supports all types of software process methodologies starting from traditional waterfall model to latest continuous delivery approaches.


  • Uses a single repository for all projects that includes development to operational systems
  • Get visibility to the entire software delivery process
  • Enhance integration with tools like Selenium and Jira
  • Drives collaboration between the IT team and the stakeholders on the basis of metrics, analytics, reporting etc.
  • Effectively bridges the gaps, negating blockages, thus decreasing software delivery delays

3)  Mantis


This is a free web based-open source bug tracking system used to track bugs within projects. It provides the tracking team with an interactive database for collaborating, detailing and reporting the issues regarding the defects.


  • Mantis BT is built on PHP and is compatible with Mac OS X, Linux, Windows etc.
  • Has the capability of time tracking i.e. identify the time from creation to the resolution
  • Can set up role-based access to users
  • Print report and share graph recordings
  • Easily customize the software as per requirements
  • Even supports mobile platforms like iPhone, Android and Windows
  • Has an expanding library of plug-ins to add customized functions

4) Bugzila


This is an open source free tool written in Perl and is compatible with Linux, Mac OS X and Windows. It allows to track defects and change codes during the development or testing of a software project.


  • Consists of an interactive bug tracking spread sheet which allows testers to add new bug reports or other sensitive data that require changes or updates
  • Automatic duplicate detection
  • Has advance set of data reporting tools that allows users to create separate charts and tables for updates
  • Provide strong security features with time tracking
  • Capable for customization and localization
  • Has advanced search options

 5) YouTrack


This is an issue tracker designed for the development team. Offered by JetBrains, this bug tracker software is available in cloud based services and standalone servers.


  • Has live and multiple sharing dashboard to track individual and team progress with real-time updates
  • Supports Scrum and Kanban project management methodologies
  • Finds anything in no time with smart search feature
  • Can modify multiple issues with command window
  • Supports 4 types of reporting methods- state transition, time line, issue distribution and time management
  • Effective project monitoring with powerful reporting

6) Trac


It is a free open source, web based bug tracking and project management tool which provides an interface to the Git and Subversion revision control systems.


  • Simple approach to project management along with budgeting, customization and collaboration features
  • Keeps the core system simple and easy to use
  • Distributed under the modified BSD License
  • Available on all major platforms Windows, Mac, Arch Linux etc.
  • Allow hyper-linking informations across systems
  • Has an extensive plug-in ecosystem which offers features and integration with external tools

7) Pivotal Tracker

Pivotal Tracker

This is a cloud based bug tracking software used for agile software development solutions that generally focus on scrum methodology.


  • Can be used in small and medium sized businesses
  • Designed to improve productivity
  • Has the ability to link outside applications for complete management of the entire projects
  • Strongly agile and flexible

8) Jira


This is one of the major bug tracking software preferred by thousands of testers because of its easy to use framework. Being a commercial project, this software helps in identifying issues, prioritizing defects and also update them accordingly.


  • Directly integrate with the code development environment
  • Has the feature of linking- where you can link different tasks
  • Capable of sub-tasking- making the software more manageable
  • Capable any and all kind of defects within the software thus supporting agile projects
  • It is a commercial product with many add-on features
  • Its flexible, customizable and extensible
  • Can be used as a release management tool
  • As it is so widely used, it has a great community of users

 9) FogBugz


This is a bug tracking tool that provides the DeVops team an interactive and detailing report regarding the issues. Created by Fog Creek Software, this tool can be used to track the status of defects, changes or updates in ongoing software projects, app development or deployments.


  • Track issues, bugs, email and much more
  • a powerful search engine that allows you to instantly search the complete contents of customer correspondence, wiki articles, and cases
  • Flexible enough to find the informations quickly and easily
  • Capture bugs easily via email, browser, BugScout or by using FogBugz screen shot tool
  • Compatible with iOS, Android, Blackberry, iPads and other tablets

10) Axosoft


It is a highly used and widely popular agile project management platform that is deplorable as hosted software and used by agile developers for agile scrum projects.


  • Create and deliver fully functional bug free software
  • Using this software, developers can create plans for the development procedure, collaborate effectively and deliver on time
  • Ensure transparency
  • Capable for data visualization, work flow automation, incident tracking etc.
  • Managing customer support requests in one place is another major function

11) WebIssues

It is an open source multi-platform   system for storing, tracking and sharing issues with various files, attributes etc. The main focus of this software is issue tracking and defect management.


  • Installation and set-up of the software is easy
  • Tracks new and even modified issues
  • Search and filter issues
  • Explore data across the software and creates reports
  • Highly secure and customizable
  • Latest update(WebIssues 1.1.5) provides quickly switching between projects without navigating between folders

12) Fossil


This is another bug tracking tool that not only supports defect tracking but also helps in wiki and project management features.


  • Consist of a built-in web interface
  • Posses auto-sync mode
  • Has simple networking
  • Easy to use web interface
  • Robust and reliable software

13) Zoho


It is an online tool for bug tracking and app development that adds transparency to the project handling team. Even though its a simple tool it can handle a vast variety of projects at a time and uses advanced incremental features to personalize the project.


  • Uses simple dashboards and fast custom views to organize and manage bugs
  • Both developers and end users get benefited by this simplified tracking program
  • Tool offers interactive forum where users can streamline collaboration
  • makes task management easy and empowers time compliance
  • File sharing, custom work flows, fields, views etc.

As a business grows, the needs change and the upkeep involved with maintaining a bug tracker on your system servers may outweigh the initial cost. Sometimes you require an additional support that human resources cannot provide. If your team is anticipating growth, then you should definitely consider investing in one of the bug trackers listed above.



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