10 Best Anti-Ransomware Tools for Online Security in 2018


Monday February 5, 2018

Ransomware has emerged as one of the fastest growing threats in terms of privacy and security of the computer systems.

Over the past few years, the threat has grown so immensely via malicious emails and software that it has endangered the security of the data available on the computer systems.

In fact, the threat of ransomware based attacks is so wide that once these enter a computer system, the data stored on them is almost gone.

Therefore, it is important that the necessary steps are taken and it is ensured that the data stays highly safe and secure.

Some of the best anti-ransomware tools that would be highly in use for online security in 2018 are as mentioned below:

1. Trend Micro Lock Screen Ransomware Tool

This tool has specifically been designed to help a person get rid of lock screen ransomware, a type of malware that blocks the user’s access to the PC and forces him/her to pay a certain amount in order to get back their data.

The tool works effectively in two situations – firstly, when the PCs normal mode is blocked but the safe mode is still accessible and secondly, when the lock screen ransomware blocks both the normal and safe mode.

In the first situation, the users boot the PC into the same mode to avoid the malware and install the software using keyboard sequence.

A new screen, then, appears asking the user to scan, clean the system and finally reboot the same.

In the second situation, it is possible to load the removal tool onto a USB drive using a mal-free system and executing from there during a boot.

2. Avast Anti-Ransomware Tools

Avast offers 16 different types of ransomware tools. However, not all the decyptors work on all types of ransomware, the available ransomware tools by Avast are free as well as can check for all sort of viruses at the same time.

3. BitDefender Anti-Ransomware

BitDefender’s tool is planned to act as an insurance against being tainted by CTB-Locker, Locky, Petya, and TeslaCrypt ransomware.

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Although it is not very clear how the program functions, but once it is loaded, it ought to identify a disease as it initiates, halting it before any documents are scrambled.

The splash screen is perfect and fundamental in feel, highlighting a section that prevents executables from running in specific areas and a choice to divert on insurance from the boot.

The organization accentuates that the program isn’t expected as a substitution for antivirus, however, ought to be utilized as a part of conjunction with it.

4. Zemana Antimalware

Zemana antimalware is a lightweight security arrangement that brings incredible insurance against ransomware.

Considering the expansion in ransomware assaults, Zemana has invested a lot of time to offer the best solution to offer ransomware protection.

Along with this, this tool also distinguishes and erases spyware, adware and other diverse no-nonsense malware.

The product brings ongoing assurance and add-on features like program cleanup.

5. Malwarebytes 3

Designed specifically for malware infected PCs, this is one of the finest examples of products that offer specific ransomware security.

Malwarebytes aims to make use of cutting-edge technology to shield your documents from ransomware.

Because of its hostility towards malware, spyware, and rootkit technology, this tool is capable enough to identify malware as well as evacuating them.

Along with this, the tool also shields the browser and other programs that associate with the web.

6. HitmanPro.Alert

Although not different, this tool is known as one of the most effective tools that work effectively against malware programming.

Capable of recognizing any conduct of a ransomware in your framework, the tool either expels or reverses its effects.

The tool is packed in a CryptoGuard innovation that helps in easily eradicating any growing ransomware in the framework and reestablishing the files before their encryption.

7. Kaspersky Anti-ransomware Tool

Kaspersky Anti-ransomware tool is another extremely well known tool out there for its anti-ransomware properties.

The product offers security against various web dangers including ransomware, while likewise ensuring your protection and individual data, if there should be an occurrence of an assault.

Along with this, the product also advises the user about any inconsistent websites so that its ransomware does not spread to their framework.

8. Webroot SecureAnywhere Antivirus

Webroot Secure Anywhere Anti-virus utilizes conduct based tracking to identify any suspicious activities and decrypted infected documents in case you compromise amid a ransomware assault.

While this tool is an anti-virus first, ransomware security and inherent firewall are its additional features.

The tool works by keeping a substantial database of known dangers and inquiries when checking programs.

9. McAfee Ransomware Interceptor

McAfee is a trusted security brand that also gives assurance to offer protection against any sort of ransomware attack.

Light in weight, simple to utilize and available for free, this tool is incredible at blocking ransomware progressively and furthermore adjusting to new strains of ransomware.

It can raise a couple of false location, which is somewhat irritating, however nothing to stress over, truly.

Better for it to be over-careful than miss a dangerous risk.

10. CyberSight RansomStopper

Available for free, this tool can detect and block all the real-world ransomware samples as well as does not allow the encryption of files.

However, the tool is definitely vulnerable to get affected by ransomware as it allows file encryption only at the boot time.

The product is also similar to some other freely-available ransonware tools like Cybereason RansomFree, Trend Micro RansomBuster, and Malwarebytes Anti-Ransomware.

Give These a Try:

The above-mentioned tools are really effective in protecting the computer systems from all sorts of ransomware attacks.

And, the best aspect of these tools is that these ensure maximum protection without leading to any sort of data loss.

Therefore, it is best to stay safe by giving some of these tools a try and strengthening your online security.

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