Top Automation Testing Tools for Android & iOS Apps 2018 [Infographic]

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Thursday December 28, 2017

The state of software development changes over time and so do the technologies and tools used. 2017 was a year that concentrated more on open source and continuous testing tools and this will continue to be prominent in the coming years along with other technology trends that could affect testing tools in both good and bad ways.

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As 2018 is now on the row, so much is expected to happen in both Android and iOS app testing arenas, like some tools might converge, more of AI will be embedded in the automation techniques, new tools might be introduced from the commercial market owners side and businesses will start realising that Selenium isn’t the only tool that should be there in the tool box of a software testing company.

Changes in mobile app development and its new upcoming strategies aim at objectives like improving quality, productivity, customer satisfaction, on-time delivery of products, minimal usage of resources, reduced human errors during repetitive testing cycles and most importantly to develop the best products and services for your clients according to their needs.

In this mobile app automation testing landscape, tools certainly take a centre stage and this INFOGRAPHIC lists out the top automation testing tools for Android & iOS apps in 2018. This list is the updated version of our previous blog and if you think the list is incomplete you can post your opinions in the comments section below.

Top Automation Testing Tools for Android and iOS apps infographic




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