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Automation Testing Career Trends 2019

Testing Trends

Tuesday March 12, 2019

With technology changing so abruptly, there always arises a need to stay updated with the latest career trends for a blooming career.

With DevOps dominating the technical world, the need for test automation has increased manifolds. Test automation is attracting many newbies for its prospective career growth. But what career trends of test automation should you look out for in 2019?

Trends in test automation come year after year. Some stay and some fade away quickly. Here are the prospective career trends of test automation that are going to stay and govern test automation industry in 2019. Check them out and choose yours wisely.

AI-Powered Test Automation Tools: A trend on Rise.

AI automation tools are not new in the market; they have there for quite some time now. As AI is getting better day by day, the potential of AI in automation testing holds a promising result. Some benefits of AI-powered test automation tools that promises its growth in 2019 are:

  • AI has an immense power to reduce test failures because of UI changes, as it automatically detects UI mapping changes at both UI and code level.
  • It automatically selects and executes impacted tests for a new code.
  • Saves time for automatic aggregating and analyzing test results.
  • Generate automated tests based on different sources: plain text test cases, application log files, test results, etc.

AI can provide relevant information to help us make better decisions.

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AI holds a promising place by enhancing Automation engineer’s productivity by improving data-driven recommendations. Acquaintance with AI-powered test automation tools is something you should look out for in 2019.

“Progressive Web Applications (PWAs) are the future of web applications: Keep an eye on them.

The web is growing stronger with Progressive Web Apps. PWAs offer a greater user experience. Progressive Web Applications (PWAs) are stronger web applications.

They load pretty much like normal websites but offer extended functionality like push notifications, working offline, and device hardware access, etc.

PWAs are predicted to gradually take over mobile native apps, so be sure you master Progressive Web Applications automation testing for a budding career in test automation.

JavaScript Automation continues to hold: Be a javaScript master.

JavaScript automation is expected to rule the automation testing world for yet another year. You need to be a JavaScript pro to strengthen your footing in automation testing in 2019.

Blockchain Testing: A growing trend to follow.

Bitcoins are the face of the year. They have recently gained popularity and are the hot topic of many press releases.

Its application across various industries such as logistics, financial, health care promises it a prominent growth. Market biggies like Oracle, IBM, and Amazon have already hurled their products for the blockchain market.

The technology is in its early phase and is expected to grow drastically soon rising the demand for blockchain testing. If you want to look out for this career trend, you should know that is quite different from other kinds of automation testing and requires extensive knowledge of the law, security, exchange of value, distributed programming, and more. So trying your hands in blockchain testing can lead you to a success path in near future.

Failure Injection Testing (Chaos Engineering): The latest trend to look out for.

Chaos engineering is relatively a new technology introduced by Netflix. It was initiated with a motive to experiment on distributed systems to test the system’s competence to endure turbulent conditions.

This gave rise to the need for Failure Injection testing. Currently, this type of testing is majorly done by SysAdmin or DevOps Engineers. The future sees a special kind of testing to be done by testers that are supported with special tools. So look out for this upcoming trend and mark your presence in automation testing.

Test Results Management with Elastic Stack: A skill to master.

Elastic Stack is a collection of three open source projects: Elasticsearch, Logstash, and Kobana. It facilitates search, pooling, study, and visualization of the records that are combined from different machines.

In huge automation projects that produce hordes of results every day, we generally leverage reporting and dashboard solutions. But these tools generally fail to recognize automation errors.

Hence we require something better to analyze such results.Elastic Stack, using its powerful search and analytic capabilities analyze test results with great efficiency and effectiveness even for automation testing.Elastic Stack or similar log management platforms are offering a blooming test automation test career trends.

Software Development Engineers in Test (SDETs) will be in huge demand: 

SDETs is nothing new, but this year SDETs are predicted to become mainstream and almost all testers will need to attain an SDET badge to be successful in the field of Test Automation.

Digital Transformation is here to stay: 

With digital transformation taking over the business world, there is a huge shift towards digital automation testing. So, get hold of digital automation testing and get ready for steady career ride.

Current Salary trends in Software testing:

As a software testing engineer, you can expect a starting salary of about Rs. 2.5 lakhs annually which can rise as high as Rs. 19 annually lakhs at the senior levels. While in contrary in the US the annual salaries vary from a minimum of $23,000 to $138,500.

Why is Automation Testing Career going to flourish in 2019?

Game Testing

Automation testing career is predicted to grow exponentially this year. The main driving force behind it is increasing automation across various industries. Industries across various verticals are speedily automating their business processes to upsurge their operational efficiency, improve their ROI and reduce the product lifecycle.

This automation across organizations is a major factor for increasing the demand for automation testing. As industries are taking a shift from traditional business models to digital models, the need for authenticating and assuring their processes also arises.

To address this rising need for assuring better quality, industries are looking for new methods and more effective methods to tests their systems and processes thus increasing innumerable automating testing career opportunities.


Trends keep on changing and revising the test automation key skills. Now it’s your turn to think and decide which career trends you have to look for and follow.

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