May 27, 2015

Software Performance Testing

When it comes to computer software, performance testing refers to the process of carrying out tests to measure the effectiveness or speed of the software. The testing can be both quantitative (as in measuring the response time or the number of MIPS at which a system functions) or qualitative (like checking for reliability, scalability and interoperability). Testbytes, a leading testing company based in the US can help you conduct performance testing for software applications without overspending your budget and without delay.

Why Performance Testing for Software Applications?

Performance testing verifies that software meets the specification that manufacturers or vendors claim. Parameters such as speed, data transfer rate, bandwidth, throughput, efficiency or reliability of two or more devices or programs are compared. Effective performance testing means that you can quickly identify the nature or location of the software-related performance problem.

Performance testing for software applications demand that the test conditions be similar to the actual working condition. However, such a condition might be difficult to arrange or not wholly possible. The software products are subjected to unpredictable workloads in the real-world. The more closely these test conditions can mimic the occurrences of a real environment the more capable the software becomes. The Microsoft Developer Network explains that a Performance Testing Methodology consists of the following activities:

  • Identify the Test Environment: Identifying the physical test environment is the topmost priority in software performance testing along with recognizing the tools and resources available to the test team. Periodically revisiting this process throughout the project’s life cycle can be helpful.
  • Identify Performance Acceptance Criteria: This includes identifying the response time, throughput, and resource-use goals and constraints.
  • Plan and Design Tests: Detecting key scenarios will help determine variability among representative users and how to simulate that variability. It also defines the test data and establishes metrics to be collected.
  • Configure the Test Environment: This includes preparing the test environment, tools, and resources necessary to execute the strategies.
  • Implement the Test Design: The performance test is developed in accordance with the test design.
  • Execute the Test: Run and monitor your tests. Also includes validating the tests, test data, and collecting the results.
  • Analyze Results, Tune, and Retest: Analysing the data and making necessary changes to run further tests. The results of both these tests are compared so as to deliver a better product.

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