May 7, 2015

Windows App Testing

For testing your Windows Phone apps, you can approach Testbytes as we got all right talent and resources to fulfill your requirements. Based in the US, we are one of the leading testing companies that provide Windows app testing services which are customizable, comprehensive, and budget-friendly. We have a team of ISTQB-certified engineers and QA analysts who can take over your Windows Phone app testing tasks.

Windows Phone ecosystem launched by Microsoft is a well-known mobile platform that is competing with Android and iOS devices. For mobile app developers, it is an exciting platform with its high quality apps. When compared to Android and iOS, the number of apps in Windows Phone is less but in recent times the latter is showing some traction in many emerging markets. This creates new opportunities for Windows app developers for expanded reach and a global presence. To survive in the international market, Windows phone apps should maintain their quality. As a result, Windows app testing becomes important part of the process.

Importance of Windows App Testing Services

The latest Windows UI uses Live Tile design principle. Therefore, it is necessary to convert all existing apps to suit the design. Same applies to the apps that are to be developed in future. Also, it is necessary for the apps to be compatible with the different screen sizes, resolutions, models, location etc. There are chances of errors while doing that.

Another important fact is that the ecosystem of Windows Phone devices is considerably different from Android and iOS devices. You may require minor layout changes if you want to port your Android app to an iOS app. However, it is easier to do it from iOS to Android (or vice-versa) than to port it on a Windows Phone device, since it represents a lot more work due to the many differences of the environment.

Here same logic applies when it comes to Windows app testing. If there is more work involved in porting an iOS or Android app to a Windows Phone, it also means there are more chances to find issues during testing. This is where windows mobile application testing services come into play.

Hire a Windows App Testing Team!

Testbytes can help Windows Phone developers by testing the apps to ensure that they are error-free. The team of professionals included in the team can test the apps in a variety of devices that are being used at present and are still emerging in the markets. You can trust testbytes team to inform you at regular intervals about reports on errors and bugs.

Testbytes make sures that your Windows Phone app testing requirements are met within specified timeframe and within your budget requirements. Our windows app testing services company is located at 65 Broadway, Suite 1101, New York NY 10006. If you want services other than Windows app testing then check out our wide range of software testing services and you can request for a FREE QUOTE from us.