May 7, 2015

Functionality Testing


We at Testbytes provide all sorts of quality assurance tests to help you create better and user-friendly software. Functionality testing is one such service that tests whether your software works properly according to your design specifications. With the help from our functionality testing services company, satisfaction is guaranteed through our highly efficient services. Our testing services are affordable, customizable, and we will assign an independent team to handle your testing tasks so that you can focus on your core development activities.

What is Functionality Testing?

It is a type of quality assurance testing that describes what the system does. Usually in this stage of testing, an input is fed and the output generated is compared to the desired specification of the software component. Testing is done on a slice of functionality and not on the entire function of your class or module.

Functionality testing is quite different from system testing. While functionality testing verifies programs by comparing with a design document or specification, system testing validates a program by checking it with the published user or system requirements.

Crucial Steps Involved in Functionality Testing

Steps involved Functionality testing is a 6 step process and they are as follows:

  • Identifying functions with which the software is expected to perform.
  • Based on the function’s specification the input data is created.
  • Next step involves the determination of output data depending on the function’s specification.
  • Next the test case is executed.
  • The actual value and the expected values are compared.
  • A check is made to ensure the application works as per the customer needs.

Consult with Our Experts at Testbytes

As a community of software testers, Testbytes has ventured into the no-man’s land of software testing and has emerged out successful. We provide the best functionality testing services that you can find in this industry and we dedicate this feat of accomplishment to our passionate workforce. Consult with our experts and we’ll make your applications ready for use and error free. You can visit our US facility located at 65 Broadway Suite 1101, New York,  NY 10006. Check out our wide range of software testing services if you want an independent team for handling your mobile app testing, security testing, performance testing, or integration testing tasks.