May 7, 2015

Android App Testing


No customer is ready to compromise on the quality of the product they intend to buy these days. Therefore, testing apps and software is the only cost-effective solution to keep up the quality. Mobile app testing is tougher compared to developing mobile applications. When it comes to testing of Android apps, you can count on Testbytes as we are one of the leading testing companies in the US when it comes to Android app testing services. We have a team of ISTQB-certified testers and QA analysts who have gained considerable years of experience to take over your Android app testing tasks.

Why Android App Testing is Necessary?

The open nature of Android apps makes it popular among manufacturers, models, UI customizations etc. Owing to its popularity, it is necessary to ensure that the apps are devoid of any errors before they reach the customers. A flaw in the app can affect your reputation as well. Here are main reasons why testing in required for newly developed Android apps.

In terms of mobile testing matrices, Android testing matrix is the largest and most complex one. Android fragmentation is the worst nightmare of every Android app developer. Android apps tend to use up storage space inefficiently, reducing the capacity or performance of the phones. Less than 1/3rd of Android install-base run a single version of the OS at any point of time. Android apps have to be developed in such a way that they have to work with a variety of screen sizes and pixel densities. i.e., the same app looks different in a low resolution phone compared to a high resolution one.

How Testbytes Team Handles Exhaustive App Testing Tasks

Android app testing may not be easy. But, it does not mean that it is an impossible task. Here are the strategies implemented by Android app testing services team at Testbytes that make app testing a less exhausting task:

Know your customer preferences – Your customers may have different preferences. But, getting an idea of what they prefer in common can help you understand the aspect of Android testing you must give more attention to. You can look into information such as devices the customers prefer, their location, nature of occupation, usage preference etc.

Gather data insights – Prepare surveys to get a better picture of customer expectations. This can help you to get into details of device usage patterns of customers and other important aspects.

Segment devices – Once you get an idea of customer preferences, you can classify the existing devices and platforms into various groups. These can then be used to test the android apps.

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To have your Android apps tested, hire an Android app testing services company today itself! The best teams use the right strategy and right tools for successful android app testing. Testbytes team is one among them. Our team of professional Android app testers can make sure that your apps are error-free before they reach customers. Our service will be available to you 24×7 at an affordable price. Contact us to know further about our independent software testing services. We are currently located at 940 Haley Talbert Dr, Corona, CA 92881.