May 12, 2015

Localization Testing

In most cases, software are developed in native languages and it needs to be converted into the target market language. This is a tedious task and needs specialists. That’s where Testbytes employs its team of highly talented testers to help you with localization. We are one of the leading testing companies based in the US which offer customizable localization testing services. Apart from changing the language, localization testing also involves the customization of the software’s GUI to fit the target market.

What Localization Testing Does?

Localization testing is not a part of designing world-ready software but is what comes after the designing phase. It reduces the world-readiness of your software as the localization is done for a particular country or state whose language is not known to the rest of the world.
It checks how well the build has been translated in to the required language. Testing for localizability before localization helps prevents the functionality problems that may arise during the process. It also reduces the amount of time and resources that is required in the further stages of testing.

Features of Localization Testing

  • Object based Recording – As record is not done based on coordinates change due to shorter or longer localized strings will not affect localization testing.
  • Centralized Object Repository – Since only logical name are placed in the script, localization testing will not be affected by any textual changes.
  • Unicode Support – A fully supported Unicode allows recording in any language.
  • Automatic Resource Generator – This helps to extract all the string, literals and to store them in a resource file.
  • I18N Editor – Allows assigning of localized terms for the contents of the resource.
  • Powerful Library – It provides a powerful library to get and set locales at runtime. You can also change the date format to suite the location at which testing needs to be done.

Contact Our Team at Testbytes

No matter from which part of the world you are from, we at Testbytes will help localize your websites and applications for desktop/mobile platforms. Testbytes localization testing services company is located at 940 Haley Talbert Dr, Corona, CA 92881, USA. You can also request a FREE QUOTE from us. Check out our wide range of software testing services if you want an independent team for handling your mobile app testing, performance testing, integration testing, or functionality testing tasks.