May 27, 2015

Game Testing

Testing a newly-developed desktop or mobile game is a headache for developers and they need the help of an independent testing team to handle the game testing tasks efficiently. Enter Testbytes, a leading game testing services company based in the US which handles testing projects irrespective of their size. Our services primarily focuses on quality control of mobile and desktop games. Such testing of gaming software helps in the discovery and documentation of software bugs and defects. Since interactive entertainment software is involved, game testers are required to have a high level of computing expertise, analytic competence, critical evaluation skills, and endurance.

Why a Game Tester’s Role is Crucial

The role of a game tester is crucial to the success of a game. A tester is given an almost completed version of a game in order to find glitches within the game’s software. It is the tester’s duty to check every nook and corner of the game for finding bugs. Any uncovered errors during game testing are noted. These errors may be bugs, art glitches, logic errors or level bugs. The bugs are ranked according to an estimate of their severity:

  1. A bugs are critical bugs that may cause issues such as in game crashes, which prevents it from being shipped.
  2. B bugs require the necessary attention even though they do not make these games unplayable. More than one B bugs can be equally dangerous as an A bug.
  3. C bugs are miniscule problems which are often in form of recommendation rather than bugs.

Nowadays, mobile games are popular than ever before, so it is important to get them properly tested for bugs before launching. Thorough testing might be the difference between success and failure for a mobile app. There are a number of bugs which may not get noticed in casual use too. So, we take a mobile app through different steps in testing such as functional testing, usability testing, integral testing, etc.

Types of Game Testing Services Offered by Testbytes

  • Game Functionality Testing
  • Mobile Game Testing
  • Video Game Testing
  • Desktop Gaming Application Testing
  • Game Localization Testing
  • Game UI Testing and Compliance Testing

Approach Us with Your Game Testing Requirements

At Testbytes, we have an enthusiastic workforce who wants to make a difference. They are highly skilled as well, making them ideal to get your mobile app and desktop gaming application tested. Testbytes game testing services company is located at 65 Broadway Suite 1101, New York, NY 10006. You can request for a FREE QUOTE from us. Also, check out our wide range of software testing services if you want an independent team for handling your mobile app testing, security testing, performance testing, or integration testing tasks.