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Our Testing Services

Functional Testing

Make sure your software works according to design specifications. Check proper functioning of menu functions, core application functions, setup and installation, etc.

Usability Testing

Test your software to know how comfortable it is to use in real world. Get feedback from real users and make your product more user-friendly by ironing out the chinks

Localization Testing

Localizing your software? If yes, ensure there are no functions, usability, and linguistic issues with Localization Testing. It makes your product stable and effective

Security Testing

Find the flaws in the security systems of your information system with our Security Testing services. It would help in avoiding attacks, hacking, or unauthorized logins

Performance Testing

Check and ensure that the performance of your web or mobile application is stable and responsive under different degrees of workload with variable parameters.

Penetration Testing

Thoroughly tests whether your network, web application or system has vulnerabilities that would allow attackers to take advantage and wreck your system or steal data.


iPad App Testing

The era of PC is almost over and iPads have taken over them, throwing a new bunch of challenges....

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iPhone App Testing

With a unique OS and brilliant features, iPhones have always been every one’s favourite ....

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Windows App Testing

Windows ecosystem is known for its high quality apps that are very less in number. That is the main....

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Android App Testing

No customer is ready to compromise on the quality of the product they intend to buy, these days...

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