May 19, 2015

Security Testing

When it comes to independent security testing, Testbytes has considerable experience in providing security testing of enterprise-level applications, catering to diversified business needs. We serve clients across different industries and organizations, irrespective of their size and location. Our customizable security testing services uncover vulnerabilities in applications and make sure that risks in your applications are minimized. Also, our QA analysts will ensure that your software code is benchmarked for high quality assurance.

Six Major Requirements in Security Testing

Testbytes' team of security testing specialists helps to identify flaws in the security mechanisms, protects data and functionality. But it should be remembered that passing a security test doesn’t really mean that there is no errors or that the system satisfies the necessary security requirements. Security requirements generally include confidentiality, integrity, authentication, availability, authorization and non-repudiation. Security testing can have different meanings and can be completed in a number of different ways.

  • Confidentiality –We develop a security measure which protects against disclosure of information to parties other than those that can be given permission to access information.
  • Integrity –We also provide measures that help receivers to determine the authenticity of information provided by a system. Integrity schemes use some of the same underlying technologies as that of confidentiality schemes. The difference is that they usually can add information to a communication, forming the basis of algorithmic checks, rather than encoding the entire communication. Checks if the correct information has been transferred from one application to other.
  • Authentication –This includes confirming identity of a person, tracing the origins of an artefact and also ensures that a product is exactly what it’s packaging and labelling claims it to be. It even assures whether a computer program can be trusted.
  • Authorization –It is a process where a requester is checked to make sure of his eligibility to receive a service or perform an operation. An example of authorization is access control.
  • Availability –This includes the assuring a readily usable information and communications services when needed. The flow of information must be kept constant to the authorized personals every time they need it.
  • Non-Repudiation –When it comes to digital security, non-repudiation means to ensure that a transferred message has been sent and received between parties claiming to have sent and received the message and no one else. This guarantees that either parties cannot deny the sending or receiving of messages once they are sent.

Types of Testing Services Offered by Testbytes

  • Application Security Testing
  • Web Application Security Testing
  • Transaction Security Testing
  • Software Security Testing
  • QA Security Testing
  • Vulnerability Assessment and Security Testing

Approach Us with Your Security Testing Needs

You can approach us for fulfilling your security testing needs as we got CREST-certified and skilled team of security testers who can handle challenging tasks and complete within minimum turnaround. Testbytes security testing services company is located at 940 Haley Talbert Dr, Corona, CA 92881, USA. you can request a FREE QUOTE from us if you are interested in our services. Check out our wide range of customizable software testing services if you want an independent team for handling your usability testing, mobile app testing, penetration, or integration testing tasks.