Aug 24, 2015

Penetration Testing

Does your system have security vulnerabilities? At Testbytes, we safely exploit these vulnerabilities by finding solutions to prevent them from ever happening. This process is undertaken by a team of skilled and experienced testers at our penetration testing company. The vulnerabilities can be in the OS, in the form of service or application flaws, improper configuration or even unpredicted end-user behaviour.

The process involves a proactive and authorized penetration of the system. We at Testbytes provide the benefit of both manual and automated testing technologies. Your web-application, endpoints, network devices, servers and various other points of exposure are tested for penetrability.

Once we identify these penetrations, we move to our next process of providing the adequate solution. In this process our testers aim to achieve higher levels of clearance on both information and electronic assets. This helps us to ensure that your system is impenetrable at multiple levels.

Why Use Our Penetration Testing Service?

Avoid Financial Losses

Recent studies have revealed that the cost of a data breach for an affected company can be millions. You most certainly don’t want this to happen with your company, right? Hence protection of your sensitive data and information becomes important.

At Testbytes, we make it our job to protect your data from external breach. This is done by conducting authorized system penetration. Understanding the various scenarios of interruption in performance of services or applications can prevent loses your company may face. A safe company can easily gain the trust of its clients, which will further ensure customer loyalty.

Protecting Every Bit of Information can be difficult

A new vulnerability emerges every day. Some may even find ways to evolve themselves and hence become more complex. This has made finding these vulnerabilities a hard task for a normal tester. This is where the services of experienced and smart testers can come into play.

Experts at our penetration testing company give you the adequate insight into your system or software vulnerabilities. It is better to test penetrate your defenses rather than someone outside the company breaking your defenses.

Identifying security risks

Once the loop holes in the security are identified, our experts can also begin looking for solutions. Our frequent and comprehensive penetration testing helps organizations to anticipate security risks and hence prevent unauthorized access. It helps evaluate an organization’s ability to protect it’s entities, be it networks, endpoints or users.

When Do You Need Penetration Testing?

It is of utmost importance that penetration tests be done on a regular basis which helps tackle new and emerging threats. Apart from these tests the following scenarios are also to be considered:

  • Addition of a new network infrastructure or application
  • After extensive upgrades or modifications to the infrastructure or applications
  • After establishing new office locations
  • After application of security patches
  • Post modification of end user policies

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