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WhatsApp for Business to begin pilot test in India

WhatsApp for Business to Begin Pilot Test in India

WhatsApp for business is planning to start its pilot test in India.WhatsApp co-founder Brian Acton has announced this at an event in Delhi.

WhatsApp has been working on this for a long time. Now they have reached the designing and testing phase. Their plan is to begin with targeting millions of small business ventures with 10 employees or less than that, who are looking for a mobile client to flourish their business.

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'Small business' will include a variety of professions from doctors to grocery shop owners who market through whatsapp groups.

Since WhatsApp is growing as a globally accepted communication platform, this will help the vendors to communicate easily, than in a formal way.

This platform will be like how they already are, with 'no ads and no games'.WhatsApp have an active user base of 200 million in India alone.

The developers have decided "whatsapp for business' to launch as a separate platform. This means the vendors will have to download this application separately from app stores.

There is a separate app so that users don't have to mix their personal and professional information when a large group is engaged.