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Testing iOS Apps No Longer Requires a Paid Membership


Apple made some amazing announcements in the annual WWDC opening keynote on Monday. OS X and iOS developer programs were merged and a third component for Apple Watch development was introduced. While the two pre-existing programs, OS X and iOS would cost $99 per year each, the new one will require only a single annual payment of $99.

The membership fee covers for the resources and developer tools provided by Apple. The ones using either of the two pre-existing programs have already been migrated. For those enrolled to both will have an extended subscription with the combined number of days remaining in each. This will help in the development of apps that promotes desktop, mobile and wearable ecosystem experiences.

Another positive change is the development stage being free from the need of a paid account. The paid membership will only be related to publishing of the iOS, OS X and Watch app stores. This makes it possible for aspiring developers to develop and test apps from their own devices without the need of any payment. The change will be effective with Xcode 7, a beta of which is already available on Apple's developer website.

Accessing beta OS releases, managing devices and services, submitting apps and updates, launching TestFlight beta programs, and using the App Store payment and distribution networks has been made easy for the developer program members. Moreover 70 percent of sales revenue received from apps and in-app purchases will go to the registered developers.