How to Find Bugs in Game Testing

Testing plays an important role in every development step of a game. A game testing is done at different levels of development process to detect various defects and bugs. Including test cases, there are many unconventional methods involved in finding bugs. Following are different methods used to find bugs in games to ensure hassle free Read more about How to Find Bugs in Game Testing[…]

9 Different Types of Game Testing Techniques

Game testing is the most important part in a game development process. This is the final component that analyses whether your gaming application is ready for launch or not. Such services gives the development process a critical eye to focus on constant searches  like inconsistencies, errors, coherence and completeness, etc. So, want to know about Read more about 9 Different Types of Game Testing Techniques[…]

6 Must-Do Things When You Perform Game Testing

Just like normal software, it’s necessary to test games as well to ensure that they work as intended before they reach the audience. There is no defined strategy for game testing as each game and the platforms used differ. While performing game testing, all aspects of the game including functionality, usability, multi-player functionality, regression, endurance, Read more about 6 Must-Do Things When You Perform Game Testing[…]

Is Testing Important for the Mobile Gaming Industry?

  Gaming is a highly popular field which is always booming. It is a billion dollar industry that hardly sees a recession. Constant new efforts are always being taken to capitalize in this industry. There is much scope for profit and fame here. But Game Testing seems to be an area that doesn’t experience the Read more about Is Testing Important for the Mobile Gaming Industry?[…]

5 Qualities of an Excellent Tester

  The art of software testing wasn’t given much attention in the past because of a lack of followership. The condition of a software tester is even grimmer. Rather than employing those who aim for a software testing job, companies manage with people just settling for it. Many software testing departments are filled with those who Read more about 5 Qualities of an Excellent Tester[…]