Top 5 Automation Testing Tools for Android

  Automation testing is used these days in almost all the test processes. The advantage of a reduced testing time along with reduction in error has led to its widespread acceptance among software testers. With a wide variety of testing tools available for this purpose, one should be aware of their features to better understand Read more about Top 5 Automation Testing Tools for Android[…]

6 Popular Myths in Test Automation You Must Know

  Despite the several benefits test automation has to offer, many software testers still find excuses to not completely utilize these benefits. Faster releases, quicker feedback, frequent test execution, increased test coverage to development team are a few of the many advantages it possesses. Quite a few myths surround test automation and this blog will Read more about 6 Popular Myths in Test Automation You Must Know[…]

Why Is Independent Testing Necessary?

Development Team works with the mindset of “how to make this work?”. If the same developer is deployed to test the application then it becomes difficult for developers to detect any defect as they always worked with the thought of “how to make this work?”. A good tester works with the mindset of “how to Read more about Why Is Independent Testing Necessary?[…]

The Pros & Cons of Automated Testing

Software testing is an evaluation process to identify any differences that exist between the desired output and actual output. Testing is in fact a quality control process for software. Great testing will enable the developers to iron out the chinks in software, thus assuring the quality of the product. Automated testing is the most effective Read more about The Pros & Cons of Automated Testing[…]

Develop By Day, Test At Night

Time is of essence during the entire software life cycle. It is vital for all resources to be utilized to their maximum and to the best of their skills. Project Managers have always been exploring new avenues to save time and cost. Have you ever thought of a 24/7 team that would provide outputs at Read more about Develop By Day, Test At Night[…]

On Demand Software Testing

In a perfect world where you have all the time and money you need, your software can be tested from the beginning to end tackling each and every issue as it appears. But, ours is a fast paced world with strict deadlines and fast results as the norm. Hiring a testing expert would be the Read more about On Demand Software Testing[…]

Enhance Your Management Communication With TestStudio

Every organisation has various application management processes to be followed for their smooth functioning. There are critical activities such as test cases management, defects tracking and requirements management that need special attention. As these are all parts of the same process, it can be chaotic if they are not streamlined. The communications have to be Read more about Enhance Your Management Communication With TestStudio[…]

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