10 Best Practices for Android App Testing Services

With the increasing popularity of smartphones, the demand for powerful and high-quality mobile apps is also increasing. Users these days demand high-performing apps that are accessible from any location or device. As a mobile app developer, is your app ready to take the challenge? With so many mobile apps submitted per day in the App Read more about 10 Best Practices for Android App Testing Services[…]

10 Best Android App Testing Frameworks

  As you might know, there is a remarkable increase in the number of Android App Testing Services in recent years. The increase of Smartphone users is one of the reasons for this. As users need quality apps, publishers have to rely on testing services to meet their business goals. Testing services use numerous frameworks Read more about 10 Best Android App Testing Frameworks[…]

6 Top Android App Testing Challenges

  Unlike traditional desktop and web applications, android app testing is different and more complex. It has its own set of challenges. The movement towards mobile devices has brought a whole different set of challenges to the testing world. Not only consumer targeted apps, but enterprise apps as well are on the rise. Read Also: Top 5 Read more about 6 Top Android App Testing Challenges[…]

8 Must-Know iOS Testing Tips

  There is high demand for iOS applications these days. iPhones and iPads are gaining popularity with every new release, and so are the apps that come along with them. With so many people demanding iOS apps, the importance of thorough testing has become much more than ever. High standards and good quality are most Read more about 8 Must-Know iOS Testing Tips[…]

Security Test for 25 Android Apps

  AV-test, an independent testing lab releases its reports every few months regarding apps that are safe for use. The “little green robot” in your tablet or mobile is diverse and open which has made them the epicentre of attraction for mobile geeks all over the world. However these qualities come at a price. Compared Read more about Security Test for 25 Android Apps[…]

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