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Researchers develop ‘Autogram’ to find Security gaps in Complex systems

Researchers develop 'Autogram' to find Security gaps in Complex systems

CISPA researchers has developed a software named 'Autogram' to find the valid inputs of a program in minutes. The information can be automatically extracted from any program they examine.

Andreas Zeller, professor of Software Engineering at the Saarland University and his students Matthias Herschel and Alexander Kampmann are the brains behind this research. 

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It is important to know how input is structured, for Modern test generators to generate inputs for a program, so in order to construct all the input a program needs, they developed a prototype naming 'Autogram'.
'Autogram' produces, millions of valid inputs, which help in testing the programs thoroughly. The complete inputs produced by Autogram helps to reduce the possible security gaps.

Autogram analyse how the  program handles the input to produce inputs for a specific program. Different parts of program entry are possessed in different parts of a program. This allows Autogram to collect all needed information and their relation to codes. Presently the prototype is for testing a wide range of input formats like JSON. 

With the extracted grammar (inputs) they can create new test entries to analyze program systematically. Further researches are being done to make the project more efficient.. This project is named 'Tribble' which use the inputs produced by Autogram and organize all valid codes and input variables.