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IBM To Test Software That Mimics Human Brain



MIT's Technology Review has indicated the recent IBM testing done on Numenta's algorithms for practical tasks. This includes analyzing satellite imagery of crops and spotting signs of malfunctioning field machinery at the earliest. It was recently that IBM reignited its interest in the company and also their artificial intelligence software.

It works almost similar to that of a human brain when compared to other AI software and this is what impressed IBM. The team led by veteran researcher Winfried Wilcke is currently conducting tests on the algorithms. Wilcke at a conference talk in February had nothing but great things to say about this emerging technology.

He even praised Numenta for "being closer to biological reality than other machine learning software". Compared to its rivals it also has the capability to make sense of data quickly. Also, when compared to its counterparts, it needs to be fed only a few examples, before it can identify patterns and handle their jobs. It even has the potentially to give rise to more intelligent software.

Using this technology to develop speech-to-text software or a voice assistant which can identify any accent would certainly be a game changer. Right now the focus is on teaching the software to control physical equipment which will be used in future robots.