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Hackers Rewarded $3Million in 2016 by Google

Hackers Rewarded $3Million in 2016 by Google

Google's Vulnerability Rewards Program had awarded a whopping $3 million for finding bugs in Google products and Android Chrome. Almost 350 bug hunters got paid under this program. Hackers from 50 countries found more than 1,000 vulnerabilities in Google products.

In 2015, only 2 million dollars werespent for bug hunters in this program. 9 million dollars has been spent for this bug bounty program from the time of its launch.

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Google is not only the one to support this type of bug hunting program. Facebook had paid $5 million for vulnerability researchers who found vulnerabilities in their software. Facebook received details of about 9,000 bugs from 149 hackers from India, U.S and Mexico in 2016.

Tomasz bojarski, a bug hunter from Poland received $ 3.134 for finding vulnerability in Google events site (events.google.com) Crowd sourced bug hunting has become a trend lately because of its recent effectiveness. Bugcrowd and HackerOne are examples for bug hunting firms that work for companies like Western Union and Fiat Chrysler Automobiles when Facebook and Google does their vulnerability researches on their own.

With continuous success in the program, google has opened invitation to all vulnerability researchers on the Chrome Fuzzer program. Google products like NEST and GoogleOnHub are now available for bug hunting program.