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Google Uses Robots to Test Mobile Lags



Google plans to take care of the touch lag in Android phones by using the popular Touchbots. This high tech gizmo from the Finnish company OptoFidelity has been delivering the best interaction testing bots since 2005. Francois Beaufort expressed his views in tackling this issue head on as per a Google Plus post.

It is capable of measuring the end-to-end lag in an Android or Chrome OS devices, according to his post. You can even check lag yourself with the same latency tests. TouchBot simulates the same conditions generated when a human interacts with his mobile device. This mechanical finger has the advantage of not tiring or slowing down unlike its biological counterpart. The most important aspect of using such a robot is its ability to repeat the same motion without even the slightest deviation.

The machines are also capable of accomplishing a variety of other tasks like simulating the stress created by inserting headphone plugs into an audio jack. Moreover it also helps to test out the durability of buttons along with general software testing. Such bots help reduce the man hours used up for testing thereby making these process quick.