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Google Testing Study Kit Mobile App


The wait is almost over with the new mobile app from Google that is capable of gathering individual health information. The app that is named the Study Kit app is currently under pilot testing. The aim of this project is to identify the genetic biomarkers to help answer questions like;

  • How a chemical reaction can change the behaviour of patient’s genes?
  • How patients metabolize food, nutrients and drugs?
  • How stress can alter heartbeat?

The app will be part of the company’s Baseline study, says Google. The baseline will be drawn from healthy individuals by using a combination of digital health sensors and genetic testing. The study which is currently progressing at the Duke and Stanford Universities involves the participation of 175 patients.

The app itself is quite a powerful one that will allow a continuous and self-reported data of the participant’s individual lifestyle. It allows individuals to upload and view data from their personal Study Kit devices.

Google has said made it clear that the app will be available through Android operating system, Google Chrome extension and iOS operating system. It can presumably collect more in depth bio data from the wearable devices of tomorrow.