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Facebook’s Internet Drone is Heading into Testing Phase

Facebook’s Internet Drone is Heading into Testing Phase


A drone that can facilitate internet connection; sounds like a sci-fi movie? Believe it or not, Facebook’s internet drone called Aquila is about to move to its testing phase. It has the capability to deliver internet to remote areas from the sky.

It uses laser technology that can send tens of gigabits per second and accurately pinpoint a target almost as big as a 25 paisa coin from over 10 miles. It can circle a remote for up to 90 days delivering its service from altitudes of 60,000 to 90,000 feet.


Take a look inside Facebook's Connectivity Lab – an important part of our effort to bring connectivity to the billions of people who are unconnected today.

Posted by Facebook Engineering on Thursday, 30 July 2015


With a wingspan almost the size of Boeing 737, but is 100 times lighter.

This will help cover the 10 percent of people who live in locations devoid of an internet infrastructure, according to Facebook. They have made it clear that the idea behind their innovation is not to create their own network but to be used by other operators to provide their network in remote regions.

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