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Developers Can Now Test Android and Fire OS Apps on Real Devices with Amazon’s AWS Device Farm



Android and Fire OS developers get ready to do some serious app testing on your smart phones and tablets. As of next week Amazon’s latest cloud-based service will be at your disposal allowing developers to upload their apps and test them.

But exactly how many devices is a question that is yet to be answered. The concept is already being used by some other companies like Xamarin with its Test Cloud service. Google has also recently announced the release of its upcoming Cloud Test Lab in its I/O developer conference.

How it works?

It works pretty much like any of its competitors. With the new Device Farm, developers can upload their app which also gives them the provision to choose which device they want to test it on. Once this is done the service will automatically iterate through all the screens and buttons. 

Later on a report is generated by the service and the developer can now start debugging the app. For more control over the tests, Device Farm also gives you the option of writing your own test scripts with the help of test frameworks like Espresso, Calabash and Appium.

“For mobile app developers, delivering high-quality apps across all of the different device and OS combinations is a major effort — it’s time consuming, complicated, and expensive. And, as new devices continue to enter the market, developers are looking for an easier way to build and test across them,” said Marco Argenti, Amazon’s Vice President for AWS in a statement today.

He further added that, “AWS Device Farm gives developers a very simple and cost-effective way to test the real user experience of their apps across multiple device types at scale. And, when used along with other AWS Mobile Services like Amazon Cognito, AWS Lambda, Amazon API Gateway, and Amazon Simple Notification Service (Amazon SNS), developers have a full platform that makes it even easier to build, deploy, test, and iterate great mobile apps.”

Device Farm offers a free tier where you get 250 device minutes for free. Once you’re done with it, $0.17 per device minute is what you will have to pay. You can also opt for the $250 per device per month flat fee.