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Developers Vs Testers Ratio In The Indian Job Market Shows A Worrying Trend!

Developer Vs Testers Ratio In The Indian Job Market Shows A Worrying Trend!


Walking into my office cabin on the 10th of September 2015, I noticed a number of male colleagues chatting excitedly.

Wondering what the buzz was about, I asked the guy near me. “Hey Haris, what’s going on?”He looked irritated with the noise and responded

“The new iPhones got launched, man! That’s what happened”

I was taken aback. A lot of thoughts ran across my mind. Noticing my weird expression, he continued – “It’s natural. New iPhones always take the quality, a notch higher”

Now, don’t get me wrong. I like iPhones, but the disturbing thing is that the same consumers never get excited about Indian services or products the same way. Why?


You don’t have to look far to understand why this is happening. In a period of 40 days between August and September 2015, there have been only 3390 job openings for testers on popular job portals of the Internet.  Here is a pie chart of the same, sourced from the Softbreaks job sourcing mobile app.

Testing jobs for Last 40 Days 3390











This number becomes relevant when you compare it with the number of job positions opened for developer profiles; that too specific to 3 profiles – mobile app developers, web developers, and enterprise application developers.

The number of openings in these 3 areas is:

Mobile app developers – 27,000

Web app developers – 8000

Enterprise app developers – 38000

Enterprise Application Jobs For Last 40 Days is 38027


Web Application Jobs For Last 40 Days is 8102

When you add these three, there are 73000 job openings. Remember that in-demand profiles, especially on packaged solutions such as SAP, Oracle etc are not even being considered.

The scenario here doesn’t look good – 3400 testers for 73000 developers. These stats point out that we are expecting 1 tester to ensure quality output from almost 20 developers. It doesn’t look practically feasible.

Huge Irregularities in Mobile App TestingMobile Application Jobs For Last 40 Days is 27022

As is evident from the chart, mobile app testing jobs have a marked difference when compared to developer job openings. While 27,000 developer jobs are open, we have less than 200 job positions that are looking for this specialization in testing.

That is a huge situation. No wonder especially mobile os’ (especially Android) has so many buggy applications. This is an open debate and the situation calls for change. A new benchmark on quality has to be set.

So, what should be the developer: tester proportion according to you? Share with us in the comment section.