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Apple to Introduce “Public Beta” iOS 9 Testing

Apple_to_Introduce_“Public Beta”_iOS_9_Testing


Even after being one of the most successful tech jargons in the world, Apple has always refrained from sharing its code with alien testers or developers. All that is about to change as Apple is ready to open up iOS 9 to users for a preview of its latest features even before they are ready. Though only the software developers currently have access, Apple has made it clear that iOS 9 will have a public beta version next month.

This move comes at a time when Apple’s sales have eclipsed that of Microsoft, Google and Facebook, making it the most profitable tech company in the world. The reason for this transition has baffled the tech world, but in truth iOS 9 is not going to be fully open. While the codes will remain a complete secret, the beta software will provide users the freedom to play with it and issue feedbacks.

This will give Apple the ability to effectively tweak and even overhaul iOS 9 at an unmatched rate. It also helps to avoid embarrassing mishaps such as the iOS 6 battery drain problem and inability to recognize basic searches by its Maps.

Apple’s release of OS X Yosemite for public beta last year was the first time an early version of its Mac software was released to average customers. But with the small fraction of Mac users it needs to be seen how effective the move will be. However it is certain that an early access for users will make it far better than its predecessors.