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Apple to handover $4.2M to LAUSD for iPad Program



Apple is ready to pay $4.2 million of a proposed $6.4 million to LAUSD (Los Angeles Unified School District) regarding a failed plan of providing iPads to the entire district.

“There are many schools that have not received devices, but that nonetheless have a need for instructional technology and innovative ideas for how to use it. The $6.4 million in proceeds represents an exciting opportunity to invest in such schools and to promote collaboration among campuses”, Superintendent Ramon Cortines said.

As a part of $1.3 billion plan, LAUSD purchased 40,000 iPads for teachers and students, paying $768 for each device.

The funds reclaimed will be used to acquire more technology in a competitive bid process.

The district’s board of education will vote on the settlement next month. If approved, then it will bring an end in the hapless partnership between district and Apple.

The settlement is mainly over the iPad program, which was hardly used by educators.

However, this whole situation involving faulty software could have been avoided, had there been proper usability testing.