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80% of IoT Apps are Exposed to Serious Security Threats: Survey

In a survey conducted by the Ponemon Institute named "2017 Study on Mobile and IoT Application Security" it has been found that 80% of IoT applications are not tested for vulnerabilities.

The aim of the survey was to know how companies are prepared to face vulnerabilities caused by less security and they have found, 84% of people were concerned about malware on mobile application. 66% people were concerned about IoT apps. The result felt serious when 76% people responded that they think the use of mobile apps increase security risk and 75% said they think IoT apps increases the risk.

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The survey also revealed that 58% of respondents were concerned about being hacked through IoT apps than mobile apps. Many are aware about the chances of getting exposed to malwares but, cared less about increasing security, the reason were, lack of budget and awareness.

80% of IoT Apps are Exposed to Serious Security Threats:  Survey

Since IoT is new, many professionals are not aware about the possible malwares that can cause and amplify the impact of hacking.

To build a strong testing case of IoT apps is the only way to build protection. Cryptographic keys, proactive testing, concentrating on vulnerability testing are some of the simple ways companies use to build protection. However once they go through the development process considering security using all the above said methods it's easy for hackers to get inside.

The developers are still continuing to build insecure apps for customers because usability and buzz seems like more significant than security. Fact is , without security, manufacturing is cheaper.

Until manufacturers start having a second thought about setting security as a priority, this situation is going to become even worse.