European Testing Conference

European Testing Conference 2020

It’s an event intended for testers and practitioners who are good at the art of testing.
There is a special session intended to ease off the environment to make sure that maximum participation is guaranteed.
Topics that will be discussed in the event 
Maaike Brinkhof – Using DevOps to Grow
Mirjam Bäuerlein – Treat yourself – a tale about dog training and test-driven development
Patricia Aas – DevSecOps for Developers, How To Start
Ulrika Malmgren – The one with the compiler always wins
Bernardo Guerreiro – Get with the Pact – “Gotchas” of implementing Contract Testing the right way
Fiona Charles – Boost Your Leadership Capability with Heuristics
Gáspár Nagy – Breaking down problems with an example mapping
Janet Gregory & Lisa Crispin – Exploring Features and Stories – Help Your Team Build Shared Understanding
Rob Meaney – Exploring Testability
Amanda Nobil – Whose Fault Is It Really? Learning From Software Bug Escapes
Corina Pip – Processing test data read from a web page with SeleniumCrystal Onyeari Mbanefo – Exploring different ways of Giving and Receiving feedback
Crystal Onyeari Mbanefo – Exploring different ways of Giving and Receiving feedback
Daniel Irvine – Falsehoods developers believe about testing
Elizabeth Zagroba & Joep Schuurkes – Mob testing; building good habits
Gem Hill – Value and Visibility; How to figure out both when you don’t do any hands-on testing
Hilary Weaver-Robb – The Hidden Treasure of Static Analysis – Finding Risks In Forgotten Places
Jeremias Rößler – Test Automation without Assertions
João Proença – Should we just… delete it?!
Jokin Aspiazu – From Tester to Product Owner
Matteo Pierro & Nelis Boucke – Consumer-Driven Contract Testing with Pact
Melissa Benua – Continuous Testing with Containers
Facilitated Discussion (Lean Coffee)
Open Space
Speed Meet
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