6 Automation Tools for iOS App Testing

Developing application for iOS is not similar to developing an application for Android Operating System. Apple has certain guidelines that could stop the development efforts. And it will become a balancing act of developing an appropriate app and getting the Apple’s approval. There are so many advantages in developing iOS platform rather than developing the Read more about 6 Automation Tools for iOS App Testing[…]

8 Must-Know iOS Testing Tips

  There is high demand for iOS applications these days. iPhones and iPads are gaining popularity with every new release, and so are the apps that come along with them. With so many people demanding iOS apps, the importance of thorough testing has become much more than ever. High standards and good quality are most Read more about 8 Must-Know iOS Testing Tips[…]

Testing iOS Apps No Longer Requires a Paid Membership

Apple made some amazing announcements in the annual WWDC opening keynote on Monday. OS X and iOS developer programs were merged and a third component for Apple Watch development was introduced. While the two pre-existing programs, OS X and iOS would cost $99 per year each, the new one will require only a single annual payment Read more about Testing iOS Apps No Longer Requires a Paid Membership[…]

Best practices to follow for iOS mobile app testing

There is no doubt about what iOS has done for mobility gaming. The exquisite functionalities coupled with a simple user experience have paved way for the ‘mobile era’. In spite of this, working with the iPhone/iPad mobile application for software testing and monitoring can be challenging. Challenges and complexities surrounding iOS mobile testing continues to Read more about Best practices to follow for iOS mobile app testing[…]

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