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Life Made Easy for Android Developers with Google’s New Cloud Test Lab



The diverse ecosystem of Android prevents developers from testing apps for compatibility on all devices. A tester has only a limited number of devices at his disposal. Consequently, testing the functionality of the app on these devices does not mean it will work properly on all the others.

To address this issue Google launched a new project at its I/O conference, which helps developers to check how their app functions on 20 of the most popular Android devices. Even though the service will be made available to developers only by the end of this year, it is quite certain that the developers will be at a great advantage.

With Test Lab, developers just have to upload their application and the tool will automatically work its way through every screen in the app. At the point where the app crashes, a crash log will be generated by the service which gives developers access to a video which shows the user experience.

At present the service is to be built into the Google Play Developer Console. Google has plans of integrating Test Cloud into the development process and integrating it with other existing testing services.

Google was not the first to bring such a service into the market. Xamarin also provides such a testing service that is capable of testing on 1000 different devices. The price for testing starts at $1000 per month. This is a lot more than what Google is offering; however the Google services are free.